Water Softener Servicing


What’s the Issue?

How do I know if my water softener requires a service?

How often should I arrange servicing of my water softener system?

How do I arrange for the installation and commissioning of a water softener to my water system?


What is your obligation?

Manufacturers recommend that you service your water softener system on an annual basis to ensure the upkeep of cleaning the system, optimization of the settings, maintenance requirements (moving parts require replacement) and water assessment.



If a water softener is not properly adjusted and maintained you may find that higher levels of salt are being placed into the building water supply. The softener could possibly be subject to a malfunction if the reservoir is not cleaned and a build-up occurs. Debris can accumulate in the water softener salt tank over time and this can become filthy and possibly unsanitary. Debris in the salt tank can also clog water softener controls, causing you unnecessary replacement costs to repair.


How we can help?

Atom Water Treatment offer a full range of competitive contract service options for maintenance of your water softener, tailored to your specific needs and requirements of your water softener. In the event of a failure or break down of a part, we can undertake the necessary repairs or replacement if required. Atom Water Treatment also have a specialist team that can undertake the installation and commissioning of water softener systems.

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Water Softeners are designed to prevent hard water deposits that can potentially cause serious damage to your boiler, increase cleaning time and cause a heavy build of limescale.

Water Softeners use a process called ‘Ion Exchange’ which is designed to remove magnesium and calcium minerals from your water, which is what causes the limescale to build. Periodically, (typically once a day) the softener regenerates the resin by washing with brine (sodium chloride solution), carrying the calcium and magnesium to drain, and leaving fresh sodium ions on the resin ready for the next treatment cycle. It is imperative that the unit is re-filled with salt, typically once a month. The softener is fitted to the mains water supply, usually at the mains water entry point but can be sited anywhere.

The performance from your Water Softener system can often become subject to raw water condition changes and even with a well-maintained system the water softener resin bed will need to be replaced eventually. Therefore, it is recommended that a regular service is undertaken to ensure that the softener remains efficient and performs in a reliable manner.

During the service the water treatment professional should re-charge the resins and clean out the brine tank and check for salt bridging. They can also ensure the valve settings are optimized to save you money. The softener may also be subject to replacement of its moving parts which after time will wear out. A professional can keep your water system in an optimal condition which in the long run will help extend the life of your water softener system.

If you find your water softener salt remains at the same level from day to day and is not being consumed during the regeneration process, or the water feels hard or you notice a sudden change in the quality of the water then you should arrange to have your water softener looked at straight away by a water treatment professional.