Legionella Water Hygiene Control Log Books



What’s the Issue?

I am not sure if I need to instigate a water hygiene control log book within my premises?

I am not sure if I meet the requirements of a competent person who can undertake the necessary tasks required?

I am after some further guidance and advice on how I can meet my current obligations and responsibilities.


What is your obligation?

As an employer or someone who is in control of a premises, including landlords, it is your responsibility to take the correct precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to Legionella to others. It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the employer or person who controls the premises must appoint someone competent to help you meet your health & safety obligations & responsibilities.



If appropriate measures are not put into place, then this can result to an exposed risk of litigation & potential prosecution as well as a major health & safety hazard to others. This could then result in a detrimental effect to your company’s reputation and financial standing.

Should there be an outbreak in your area the HSE inspector will require evidence of a water hygiene control log book with up to date results which are in line with the current guidelines.


How we can help?

Atom Water Treatment have a fully qualified and experienced team ready to support and assist with your current obligations and responsibilities to ensure you meet your legal requirements. Our team of experts can help you assess the potential risks to your premises, assist in managing these and put the necessary preventive measures in place.

Atom Water Treatment can ensure that you remain compliant by instigating a detailed water hygiene control log book for your premises. We are also able to offer packages with a full detailed water hygiene monitoring regime to meet your legal requirements.

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The instigation of a site-specific water hygiene control log book plays an integral part in your Legionella monitoring programme. They are designed to provide guidance on what specific tasks need to be undertaken along with their associated frequencies. Legionella Control & Management Records are required to document the monitoring and management tasks implemented to manage your water systems safely.

Whether these tasks are undertaken in house or via an external water hygiene company, the results, findings and record of completion must be compiled within the water hygiene control log book. All records must be up to date and in line with the current regulations. The water hygiene control log book should always be readily available for review and inspection purposes.

The monitoring tasks should be undertaken by a competent person who has been suitably trained.

Atom’s Legionella Water Hygiene Control Log Books include the following documentation and material: –

  • Attendance Register
  • Site Visit & Record Documentation
  • Management & Responsibilities Structure
  • Legionella Written Scheme of Control
  • Training Certificates
  • Monitoring & Maintenance Regime
  • Domestic Service Temperature Records
  • Inspection & Cleaning Records
  • Asset Register
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Sample Results
  • Disinfection Certificates
  • Method Statements
  • Risk Assessments & Reviews
  • Company Accreditations & Certification
  • HSG274 Part 2