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Water Hygiene & Monitoring

As an employer or someone who is in control of a premises, including landlords, it is your responsibility to comply with the current guidelines of ‘BS 8580:2010, ACOP L8 4th Edition and HSG274’, to ensure you are reducing the risk from Legionella within your water system(s). The implementation of a regular water hygiene & Legionella monitoring programme will greatly reduce this risk. A typical monitoring programme would include services such as, Monthly Temperature Testing, Quarterly Showerhead Cleaning & De-Scaling, Domestic Water Sampling, Tank/Cylinder Inspections, TMV Testing & Weekly Flushing. Atom Water Treatment Limited are able to offer bespoke and tailored packages for this to ensure you meet your health & safety requirements & obligations.

Risk Assessment & Remedial Works

Legionella Water Hygiene Risk Assessments are required by law and should be reviewed every 2 years according to the HSE ACoP L8 ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’. A suitable & sufficient assessment should be undertaken to enable identification and assessment of any exposure of risk of Legionella to the building and its occupants. Assets such as cold water storage tanks, hot water storage vessels/calorifiers etc. all play an integral part within your building’s water system(s), therefore it is often likely that these assets will from time to time require corrective or improvement works to ensure your water system complies with the current guidelines. Atom Water Treatment Limited are able to offer a full inspection & survey to identify any areas of risk to ensure you meet your health & safety requirements & obligations.

Water Treatment

To comply with the current guidelines of BG50 all closed heating and cooling systems should be monitored and tested on a regular basis. The monitoring of these systems is essential for the avoidance of microbiological fouling, corrosion & scale. Atom Water Treatment Limited are able to offer bespoke packages for these types of monitoring works including any pre-commission cleaning & remedial dosing works to existing and new build installations. We are also able to offer a full range of suitable chemicals for all closed-circuit heating, cooling and chilled water systems.

Plant & Servicing

Assets such as RPZ Valves, Chlorine Dioxide Units & Water Softeners etc. require regular maintenance & servicing and it is a legal requirement to ensure assets like RPZ Valves & Water Softeners are serviced on a regular basis. Atom have a team of experienced service engineers that are able to undertake repairs, installation and maintenance of these types of plant and can offer a full range of servicing packages to suit your requirements.